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Sunrise Elopements; Why You Should Wake Up Before The Sun In Asheville, NC To Elope!

Updated: Mar 13

Hello everyone! Can you believe it's been a month since we've last talked? I know...I can't believe it either. Some fun things have happened since December! One of those fun things being our very first sunrise elopement. Not everyone is a morning person and we totally get it, but you've never heard peace and quiet until you've been up with the sun. 

Hair and makeup arrived first to Kylie's Airbnb in Downtown Asheville. It was 4:30 am in the morning and not a soul was around. With a ring light in hand, the girls got to work! Our photographer followed shortly after arriving at 5:00 am to capture getting ready photos, because how often do you wake up this early to get glammed? It must be documented!

It was 6:00 am before we knew it. We headed out of the Airbnb, with our flashlights in hand, and headed to The Ridge. Kylie hopped in with one of us so Matthew wouldn't see her until the first look. As we drove to our destination light started to fill the sky. It was a gloomy day in Asheville, NC. But that's okay, it's not always a bad thing. Sometimes if the sun is too bright the lighting isn't ideal for photographers. When we arrived I saw Matthew waiting for us up the driveway. Spoons and Chuggs were also in attendance. These two are four-legged handsome boys who happen to also be dogs. After we set Matthew up facing off into the distance, it was finally time, it was time for Matthew to see his beautiful bride.

The way Kylie's eye lit up when she saw her future husband and the heartfelt hug Matthew gave Kylie when he saw her in a wedding dress...these two souls are truly made for each other. The two share a special bond and it was obvious in this moment in time.

After a heartwarming first look, it was finally time, TIME TO GET MARRIED! We walked to the ceremony site and followed a bit behind to let the two soak in the moment. Don't stress, Spoons wasn't too far behind mom and dad.

With the temperatures in the low 30's, we have to give these two props for outstanding the cold. Matthew and Kylie had an intimate ceremony with only the officiant, photographer, witness and their two dogs in attendance. Matthew and Kylie promised each other forever, exchanged rings and said "I Do" all well having the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains as their background.

As the morning sun started to rise we spent the rest of our time at The Ridge taking photos, poping champagne, and cutting their wedding cake!

Yes, having a morning elopement is not for everyone. But for these two it was absolutely perfect. They planned to spend the rest of the day checking out local breweries in Asheville. We're so happy you two chose Asheville Luxury Elopement Co. We wish you all the best as a newly married couple!


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